jQuery, a new The Ugly Duckling story

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It happened for a long time with PHP: a good and easy script language to program was gaining users all over the world, specially those who wanted to surf the wave but didn’t want to oar. All what you should do develop a CMS a couple years ago was to go to a forum and download some code.  That was so easy and so fast, you could develop a website with News, Events, Poll and Image Gallery in less than a week. Also designing and developing the front-end.

The thing is that the News code, sometimes, was incompatible with the Image Gallery or the Poll. It made a bad reputation for the PHP language, instead of giving a bad reputation to the programmers who used to do that. In fact, PHP is a very robust and hybrid language, and is very stable and has a good performance, specially for web deployment. Zend Framework and Magento E-Commerce is here to prove that!

Now I see the same thing going on with jQuery. It’s easier to Google for a plugin instead of developing and testing it. The thing is that developing a plugin for jQuery is so easy, if only the developers knew that. I would post a plugin I just developed for an Image Gallery having horizontal carousel scroll but, instead, I’ll give only one link and an advice: DO IT YOURSELF AND TEST!

jQuery Plugins/Authoring: http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/Authoring

Have a nice Carnival… =)

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