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Hi, I’m a big fan and heavy user of a lot of web application, so I’ve decided to write them down so people could follow up what’s keeping me save time and money!

First of all and most important is, of course, Google Apps. E-mail, chat, docs (spreadsheets, words, presentation…), calendar (oohhh.. I love calendar and the SMS reminder!!!!). It’s the best application ever!

How come people be in two or more computers regularly and not using Dropbox? They really carry a usb stick or a external hard-drive?? (Ok, I won’t believe if you say you burn cd’s)

If , like me, you’re a programmer, sooner or later you’ll need to code on the go. And this web-based code editor allows you to work through FTP very well!

Ok, you need (or want) to be up-to-date about thousand of things like technology, economy, sports and your social network and you can’t waste time going into differente places to have the newest information? Then you need a feed agregator like Netvibes. With many widgets, you have more than news headlines on it!
Do I really need to talk about it? Or, even worst, do you really save your bookmarks in your browser?

Well, these are the major one, that I really can’t live without. I have others web-apps that are really good and I often use for some quick and small things, like online photoshop (, but I won’t take too long on my posts.

I would love if you post your favorites web-apps on the comments!

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